Septembre 27, 2002 – Tangier – Chefchaouen




This morning, I decide to take time, to end the trip very calmly. So I go to te bakery to find something to eat for breakfast and then I reach a terrace to drink some coffee. Tangier seems to be the ideal city in Morocco, the citizens are relaxed and take time to leave with no hurry, like me they are at the café to talk and drink something.


Old canons facing Spanish coast!!! place des paresseux


I go back to the kasbah and then to the Dawliz complex to have a tea on the terrace before leaving for Chefchaouen.


The departure at the CTM station is delayed. As always CTM buses are very comfortable but the drivers are like in other bus companies, they hardly know the basis of driving on roads. I think that I have my champion during this trip. Our driver is specialist to overtake in curbs with no visibility and  and the white line in the middle of the road has no signification for him.


In the bus I meet a French guy and a Moroccan lady living in Paris. The discussion is very interesting and I don’t feel the time passed when we arrived in Chefchaouen.



As soon as you get off the bus, you are surrounded by the atmosphere of the place, locals come to you asking you if you need something, in fact something to smoke. Chefchaouen is well known for its cannabis cultivated in the mountains all around. For me, the only thing I am looking for is a place to buy a bus ticket to go back to Casablanca tomorrow morning. One guy will help me and I buy the ticket for the bus at 5:15am to be right on time in Casablanca to visit the Hassan II Mosque.


Then I am heading to downtown to find a room for the night but at my huge surprise it seems that everything is sold out. Chefchaouen is only a city of 7 000 inhabitants and it is nearly 3pm. All the hotels mentioned in the Lonely Planet have no more room for me or just double or triple ones. So I chane my mind and I find a new address not in the guidebook but really beautiful at 20m from Uta El Hamam square. I meet the boss a young guy for sure younger than me and he prposes me a double room for the price of a single one. Thanks!!


As I don’t have much time, I wander the streets of this beautiful city. Like in Rabat in the kasbah, they are all in white and blue and the effect is great.



Then I walk quickly to the Hotel Asmaa to see Chefchaouen in its globality and of course because it is the sunset. I think I found the perfect location to enjoy the event.



The evening begins with a good meal at the hotel and then I am going to one of the numerous terraces of the square. I find one mainly occupied by locals. That’s what I want, the perfect place to read, write and to talk with some of them.


The night will be short as I have to wake up early to catch the morning bus at 5:15am in downtown.


Main expenses of the day :

Bus CTM Tangier – Chefchaouen: 35 DH + 5 DH for the bag

Pension Al Kasbah in Chefchaouen: 30 DH

Drinks (water, soft drinks, tea…) + Lunch and evening meal: 70 DH




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