September 15, 2002 – Tinerhir – Ouarzazate – Marrakesh




Today I planned to see the sunrise on Tinerhir but despite the morning prayer call at 4am, I will wake up at 8am.


Today, I decided to leave Tinehrir for Marrakesh with a slight pause in Ouarzazate So I will not reach Zagora. Before leaving Tinehrir, I would like to visit the Kasbah and from there to have a last view on the palm grove and the inhabitants. This morning, some Moroccan ladies are washing the clothes in the river just below my position.



I just go back to the hotel to pack my bag and at 10am I am near the Grand Taxis. I am now joined by David and Maria who are also prepared to reach Marrakesh. The price of Grand Taxis are fixed by the Moroccan authorities. We are waiting for 3 other people to share the seats and finally 2 Spaniards and 1 Moroccan join us. 2 hours later, we are in Ouarzazate, a pretty nice speed but our driver didn’t respect speed limit on the road which can be dangerous in villages where people are crossing without watching for cars.


The landscape during this trip is great and it is sometimes too sad that we do not have the possibility to stop and take our time, maybe next time…



Just before entering Ouarzazate, we see a brand new Kasbah built for movies purposes. Ouarzazate is a well known cinematographic center with a great studio,Atlas Corporation, used for blockbusters productions such as Astérix and Cléopâtre directed by Alain Chabat or Oscar winner Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott.



David and Maria decide to take immediately a bus to Marrakesh whereas I choose to visit once again Kasbah Tarourirt in a petit taxi because I really liked the building last year.



Then I go back to the bus station to take a Grand Taxi just on the square outside the building. It is 2:30 and I am the first passenger, so I have to wait for 5 colleagues, so I take this opportunity to have a drink at a café. The journey costs the same thing whereas you take a Grand Taxi or a bus but the Grand Taxi is quicker than the bus (3:30 compared to 5h).


Finally, we are 6 and after a stop at the Royal Gendarmerie office to obtain a driving permit to leave Ouarzazate, we are on one of the best and greatest road for its scenary in Morocco. I am on the left rear side which gives me the opportunity to put my arm outside but the side effect are sunburn!!!


We are not far from Aït Benhaddou kasbah but I will not see it again this year.


Aït Benhaddou kasbah


We make a stop at half way to have a rest and eat something if we want. After the stop, we are climbing to reach the Tizi n’Tchika pass before moving down to Marrakesh where we arrive at 6:30pm.



I am tired of walking so I take a petit taxi for Djema El Fna. It is good to feel at home because the streets are so familiar to me and I nearly recognize everything and my driver for sure take the quickest road to the famous square. Last year, I spent 4 days there and I walk all the time so I know quite well some parts of the city.


The place Djema El Fna has still the same effect on me and I am so pleased to be there. The place is magic for me and even more at night when it turns into a big restaurant. I just walk to a hotel to leave my bag, the weather is great so I will sleep on the rooftop under the stars and I make the decision to stay at the Hotel Essaouira. I secure my night.


I am a little bit hungry so I go back to the square to eat something. Even if the prices seem to be higher there compared to what I saw during the last week, it is still nice to eat there amog the crowd.


Tonight, a slight wind keeps me awake at the beginning and it is hard to find some sleep after a day of transportation.


Sunset on the Koutoubia


Main expenses of the day :

Grand Taxi Tinerhir – Ouarzazate: 45 DH

Petit taxi Ouarzazate: 7 DH (roundtrip)

Kasbah Tarourirt entrance fee: 10 DH

Grand Taxi Ouarzazate – Marrakech: 70 DH

Hotel Essaouira: 25 DH on the rooftop + 5 DH for a shower

Drinks (water, soft drinks, tea…) + evening meal: 35 DH




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