September 23, 2002 – Tacheddirt – Imlil – Marrakesh




This morning, last day of the trek, we decide to leave the bivouac later because the path is quick and has no difficulty.


Mohammed don’t want to come out, too cold!!


It is so cold this morning that even Mohammed does not want to go outside the tent!!! That’s really a good moment of fun for everyone.


Last sunrise in the mountain


We take time for breakfast and to pack the bags and the tents. It seems that no one really wants to end the trek today. Finally at 8:30, we are gone for the last kilometers. The path joins the pass of Tizi N’Tamatert at 2 279m. The pass links Tacheddirt to Imlil. We meet there a group, this is the first of their trip so we wish them the same pleasure we had for our journey. We are back in Imlil just after 11am.


Imlil valley


This quick come back to reality annoys me as many shop sellers just start their bargaining discussion. We were so happy during a week without all this pressure. It is really hard to face this environment.


On our way to Imlil we ask Mohammed if it is possible to visit his home and meet his family. He was happy about this idea and of course there is no problem. We decide to offer to Mohammed a last meal before leaving so we are together on the terrace of our restaurant to eat a great tajine.



The dream team around a tajine


After a short rest to meet one of Mohammed’s brothers and another Mohammed, brother of our guide Lahcen, we are walking down the road to reach the village of Agarsioual, village of Mohammed.


The village is located just on the hill on the other side of the oued. One of Mohammed daughters welcomes us near the oued and we all follow here to their house. Their home is pretty big and we have the honor to be welcomed in the bigger room where we meet the other members of the family: His mother, his wife and his second daughter, we meet also his father and the father of his wife. Everybody seems happy of our visit and for us it is another gift after this week spent together with Mohammed.


Mohammed, his mother and his 2 daughters


The mother of Mohammed prepare the tea and then we talk a lot in French, Mohammed is translating our words to his family. We also try all the words of Berber we learnt during all these days, they are all laughing and we spend a really good time.


The daughter of Mohammed, Rachida, brings a huge plate full of couscous and we seat down around the table to share this food. Mohammed wants to give us forks but we want to eat like them, so we start using our right hand to eat couscous. This moment will be in memories for a long time. The aim of the game is to seize couscous with 3 fingers and then roll it as ball to eat it but as we are not specialists we have couscous all over the hand but with a little ball… They are all laughing at us…


After this great meal we have a huge plate of bunches of grapes and watermelon.


We are still talking and taking pictures that we will send to them. After this great moment Mohammed brings back us on the road and we are waiting for the transportation to Asni. We take advantage of these moments to thank him so much for everything and we wish him a good future for his activities here in the High Atlas. Maybe we will see each other another time in the coming years… Inch’Allah !!


The minibus is coming it is time to say goodbye. We are piled up inside the vehicle as there are 6 persons on the roof with the luggage!!!


Very quickly we find a Grand Taxi for Marrakesh. Kevin and Isabelle booked a room in a hotel of the medina whereas I will go back to the roof of the Hotel Essaouira. And on the rooftop of the hotel, what a surprise to see again Olivia, a girl I saw during the ascent of Djebel Toubkal a few days ago. She is back from another trek near Tacheddirt. We join Kevin and Isabelle on Djemaa El Fna square for a lst dinner together (same places as where we met 1 week ago!!!). Tomorrow Isabelle and Kevin should go to the imperial cities (Fez, Meknes), Olivia will take the morning train to reach Chefchaouen and I will go to Essaouira.


Back at the hotel we will talk until 2pm, the sky is clear and it is not that cold.



Hotel Essaouira : (plan, tariffs, photos…)


Main expenses of the day :

Truck Imlil – Asni: 15 DH

Grand Taxi Asni – Marrakesh: 15 DH

Gaz bottle rented by Lahcen: 20 DH / person

Hotel Essaouira: 25 DH on the rooftop + 5 DH for the shower

Drinks (water, soft drinks, tea…) + Noon and evening meal: 40 DH




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D1 : Luxembourg – Paris – Casablanca

D2 : Casablanca – Rabat

D3 : Rabat – Meknes

D4 : Meknes – Volubilis – Meknes

D5 : Meknes - Fes

D6 : Fes

D7 : Merzouga

D8 : Merzouga – Tinehrir

D9 : Tinehrir – Ouarzazate – Marrakesh

D10 : Marrakesh

D11 : Marrakesh – Imlil

D12 : Imlil – Toubkal refuge

D13 : Refuge – 4167m –Tizi Ouanoums

D14 : Tizi Ouanoums – Amsouzert

D15 : Amsouzert – Azib Likemt

D16 : Azib Likemt – Tacheddirt

D17 : Tacheddirt – Imlil – Marrakesh

D18 : Marrakesh – Essaouira

D19 : Essaouira – El Jadida – Tangier

D20 : Tangier

D21 : Tangier – Chefchaouen

D22 : Chefchaouen – Casablanca

D23 : Casablanca – Paris – Luxembourg




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