August 16, 2001 – Amman




Today, after a late wake up, is my last day in Jordan. I have no plan to follow so I go to the post office to send some postcards and the ones of the French.


I try to visit King Hussein tomb but visits are only on Saturdays so next time perhaps.


After that, I just walk in the city without any objective but to see many neighborhoods. I reach the Sport city complex and the stadium and I just go back to residential districts (beautiful houses and many embassies). I stop at a supermarket (Safeway) so it’s nearly the end and the return to a western way of life.


I come back to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon. I leave my impressions on the guest book and I finish this road book.


Amman : The theater in the middle of the city


I meet an American in the lobby, he wants to go Syria but has no visa. He will try to have one at the embassy on Saturday but he has hardly any chance to get one.


Tonight I have to be ready near 9pm because I have to take the bus to the Airport at 10pm (the next one is at midnight but it can be too short). The Airport express trip to Queem Alia Airport lasts around 45 minutes and costs 1.5 JD.


The exit tax is 5 JD for every foreigner. My last dinars.


At the airport, we have to experience a long waiting because we cannot access the departure terminal at that time. As there are few chairs, everybody is sitting or lying down on the floor.





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D1 : Lyons – Damascus

D2 : Damascus (1)  (2)

D3 : Damascus

D4 : Damascus – Palmyra

D5 : Palmyra – Hama

D6 : Hama – Apamea – Aleppo

D7 : Aleppo

D8 : Aleppo

D9 : Aleppo

D10 : Aleppo – San Simeon – Aleppo

D11 : Aleppo – Qalaat Al Saadin – Tartous (1)  (2)

D12 : Tartous – Krak des chevaliers – Beirut (1)  (2)

D13 : Beirut – Tripoli

D14 : Tripoli – Damascus

D15 : Damascus – Maaloula – Damascus

D16 : Damascus

D17 : Damascus – Bosra – Damascus

D18 : Damascus – Amman – Dead Sea – Amman

D19 : Amman – Jerash - Amman

D20 : Amman – Madaba – Amman

D21 : Amman – Kerak – Dana

D22 : Dana

D23 : Dana – Petra (1)  (2)

D24 : Petra

D25 : Petra

D26 : Petra – Wadi Rum

D27 : Wadi Rum – Aqaba

D28 : Aqaba

D29 : Aqaba

D30 : Aqaba

D31 : Aqaba

D32 : Aqaba - Amman

D33 : Amman

D34 : Amman – Lyons




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