August 12 to 14, 2001 Aqaba




I hesitate a lot between staying there for a while or immediately going back to Syria and spend the last days there but I fly back from Amman and it will cost less to stay there and enjoy the Royal Diving Center facilities.


Today I buy a disposable camera for underwater to take pictures from all the fishes that I meet. I spend hours and hours in the water completely fascinated by the variety of species that we can see there.


One underwater encounter near the Royal Diving Center


Theses days at the beach and in the water go very very quickly.


One underwater encounter near the Royal Diving Center


On Monday, I say goodbye to Aurelien and Lydia who leave Aqaba for Amman. Tonight I drink beer with the French that I met in Dana and Petra and with a couple of Dutch people who decides like me to enjoy the beach and relax next to the Red Sea.


On Tuesday, I make this day trip on a boat to snorkel on 5 spots. I am with 4 Polish, 1 Spaniard, 2 Hungarian and 2 Japanese. The expedition is a little bit deceiving because we only snorkel on 1 very attractive spot (Japanese gardens). The other ones are not really nice or we just go over without stopping like the spot where a boat has been sunk.


On Tuesday evening, I am preparing my leaving to Amman by bus. I smoke one last Narguileh on the terrace and I sleep next to 2 Australian who are going to Egypt tomorrow morning.





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