Roadbook – 3 weeks in Egypt (July 2002)




After Syria and Jordan in 2001 where I spent 5 great weeks, Egypt seems to be the natural next trip and at the beginning of 2002 I was thinking about this 3 weeks trip for a first discovery.


This discovery leads me from Cairo to Aswan through Luxor to learn more about the Egypt of the pharaohs and, after that, I went on with leisure adventures like Dahab on the Red Sea, Siwa Oasis and a felucca trip on the Nile river but also a night at the top of Mount Moses in the desert of Sinaï.


This roadbook is intended to show you Egypt as I saw it and to make you want to discover or rediscover this country, as a solo backpacker or with friends.


For your information, 1 EUR = 1 USD = 4.55 EGP (Egyptian Pounds) during these 3 weeks of July 2002 but in 2003 when I went back there it was 1 EUR = 7 EGP. On each page, I stated the most important expenses to give you an idea about the cost of such a trip. For more accurate exchange rate, try




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D1 : Luxembourg – Amsterdam – Cairo

D2 : Cairo  (part 1)   (part 2)

D3 : Cairo

D4 : Cairo

D5 : Aswan

D6 : Aswan - Abu Simbel  (part1)   (part 2)

D7 : Aswan

D8 : Felucca

D9 : Felucca (Kom Ombo)

D10 : Edfu - Luxor

D11 : Luxor  (part 1)   (part 2)

D12 : Luxor

D13 : Dahab

D14 : Dahab

D15 : Mount Moses (St Katherine)

D16 : Nuweiba - Cairo - Alexandria

D17 : Alexandria – Siwa Oasis

D18 : Siwa oasis

D19 : Siwa oasis

D20 : Alexandria

D21 : Alexandria - Cairo

D22 : Cairo

D23 : Cairo – Amsterdam – Luxembourg


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